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We created Coffee Cup Studio Talk when we saw a need in the small business and non-profit marketplace for professional, attractive, functional website design and experienced marketing services that were inexpensive enough to make any size organization competitive with those who have much larger budgets.

We took our combined years of experience with large firms and researched ways to make this happen, then developed processes that we have proven to be very effective.

Another thing that we at Coffee Cup Studio Talk saw was the need for straight talk!

When we would speak at events on the topic of search marketing, we would frequently run into business owners who did not even know what they were getting for their money.

Indeed, it is very well known that there are a lot of “snake oil” salesmen in the industry, and it seems that some of the larger companies spend more effort on selling their product than making their product better.

If you are a small business or non-profit, we want to earn your trust and show you our expertise at Coffee Studio Talk Online Marketing .

We believe that great things happen when organizations behave as true partners to achieve their goals.  After all, we are a small business, too!